Are we talking about two different messages?

images-5Deut 6:25 — For we will be counted as righteous when we obey all the commands the Lord our God has given us

How does this statement fit with the theology of Grace? The Christian believes that it is impossible to achieve righteousness through obedience. We need a Saviour! This verse seems to contradict the gospel. Maybe faith was the presupposition? Of course you are trusting in God to save you, now about this matter of obedience. You must obey or you are not righteous. What you do matters! 
Maybe this is pointing to their need, you will be righteous when you obey ALL the laws, didn’t take long to figure out that this is not possible. Enter the sacrificial system.


About Dennis Arve Wilkinson

Happily married, blessed with four children, thrilled to have started Meta Communities in 2011. Born in Calgary, raised in Winnipeg, undergraduate education in Wisconsin (NIU) & Seminary education in Minnesota (CBTS). During my time in the Midwest I gained about a dozen years of pastoral experience. It has been my privilege to travel to many parts of the globe and divine providence has smiled on me by allowing me to be mentored by several men of great character over the course of my life time. I am a follower of Jesus - though not without struggle. I am committed to joining God in the restoration of all things by telling, showing, and welcoming people into the good news of God's story. God's story of redemption in Jesus is the best story the human has -- I am letting the better story shape my life and helping others do the same.

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